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at the earliest stages

Vine Ventures is an early-stage, technology-focused venture capital firm investing across the U.S., Israel, and Latin America. We are long-term investors, backing founders at inception and continuing to invest until IPO. We have a single mandate - to help fledgling companies navigate the challenges of building generational businesses.


Amazon 3rd party seller roll-up
Cap table management software
B2B marketplace for restaurants in LatAm
Tech employee compensation benchmarking
POS, e-commerce & payments for cannabis dispensaries
Insurance brokerage data cloud, analytics & CRM
Treasury management API & applications
Pooling & securitizing real world assets on-chain
Communication hub for building strong customer relationships
BNPL for B2B SaaS transactions
Data driven residential real estate platform in LatAm
DTC home insurance carrier
Fractional vacation home ownership marketplace
DevOps platform for kubernetes troubleshooting
Modern banking core software for RCFIs
Acquiring and operationalizing Shopify stores
Telehealth for students with learning differences
Clinical care navigation and PBM
Telehealth for students with learning differences
AI-based origination & underwriting for banks to finance recurring revenue contracts
Technology platform for independent Medicare agents
Super-app for B2B construction industry in LatAm
No-code development platform-as-a-service

*Unicorns backed at prior firms

"They're transformational. They're young. They hustle."

Kabir Syed

Founder, Ennabl 

"Vine isn't your typical ‘write you a check’ fund. They're down in the trenches with the founding team, fighting our daily battles. Eric and Dan saw our potential and believed in us from the start. The team traveled to Colombia for over 3 weeks to deeply understand our business. Vine mentored and coached us through our Series A which became one of the largest in LatAm VC history. Vine is the fund you really want in your initial cap table."

Enrique Villamarin

Founder, TUL 

“I cannot speak highly enough about Eric and Dan. They were key to our fundraise process - from helping us position our story to connecting us to other LatAm founders and, most importantly, bringing in our lead investor. They coached me through each stage of our seed round fundraising and I now consider them close friends as well as top notch investors. I would highly recommend Vine Ventures to any founder.” 

Brynne Mcnulty 

Co-Founder, Habi 

“Eric is the ideal person to have as an investor and on our Board. He is constantly adding value via recruiting, sales, reporting, governance, and fundraising. He is also extremely supportive and founder-friendly. That said, he is not afraid to have hard conversations and make us aware of when he feels we need to improve or change. You can always trust Eric for his honest advice and transparency. Eric is the first call I advise new founders to make when they are looking for funding.” 

Nathaniel Harley 

Co-Founder, MANTL 

“The Vine team has been an amazing contributor in helping us launch Branded. Eric and I have been working together for months before we even had put the full team in place, providing valuable market intelligence and advisor introductions. In addition, the Vine team brought in several strategic investors into our A, including the lead investor and some of the most successful founders in the world. Vine was the only fund that we allowed into our seed which was highly oversubscribed.” 

Pierre Poignant

Founder, Branded